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Dating behaviors that end relationships

A new relationship is exciting! It’s easy to get ahead of the emotional calendar when you have a new love, and some of us lovebirds make some serious mistakes. Most of the time, it’s a dating behavior that gets us into trouble. We say or do something that puts our sweetheart and relationship in a tough position — and it isn’t the first time. If you suspect this is the case with you, then you can correct those wrong behaviors. The first step is to identify what behaviors are damaging to your love life.

Bringing old guilt into a new relationship. Sometimes an old love haunts us and we become conditioned to expect the worse. Or maybe, you were the one that did wrong. You stepped out and committed a relationship “faux pas” that your partner couldn’t forgive. You’ll have to find some closure some way. Make peace with yourself.

Making plans without permission. Don’t assume anything in a new relationship — that goes for making plans, too. This dating behavior treats your boyfriend more like a spouse, not a free agent. Always ask and don’t be in a hurry to jeopardize the calendar of the one you love. Allow them to have some freedom. It builds and shows trust.

Needing constant affirmation. Nothing turns a guy off more than a girl who needs constant affirmation. “Yes, of course, I love you,” or “No, you are the only one,” don’t need to be repeated daily. Don’t be needy. It’s a bad behavior that destroys a love life. Limit your contact, especially when you first get started.

Showing disrespect. We are in the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show respect. Ladies like it when guys open doors and guys like hearing “thank you” when they acquiesce. Being disrespectful won’t earn you any dating points and as a matter of fact, those dating behaviors will end your relationship. Cussing at him, ordering from the menu for him or showing up an hour late are rude behaviors you shouldn’t partake in.

Using the “L” word too soon. Who hasn’t dreamed of saying it, at least once, “I love you!” However, saying it too soon can boomerang on you. Take a look at your past. Do you say the “L” word first every time? How soon do you say it? Correct this behavior by letting the other person say the “love” word first. If you say it too soon, you may discover later that it wasn’t truly love. Saying “I love you” also forces the other person to consider how they feel, sometimes too soon!

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