Now that Beyonce is a mommy, she’s trying to do the best she can to ensure her baby gets all the nutrients she needs, even in public.

The singer who’s on hiatus to raise baby Blue Ivy, was recently praised by mothers and breast feeding advocates after being spotted nursing her newborn at NYC’s Sant Ambroeus restaurant Saturday with hubby Jay-Z.

Being that she’s a global icon and busting out the boob is somewhat taboo in America, advocates say she’s basically erasing the stigma of breast feeding in public. She’s setting a good example for society, they said.

“Beyonce appears as a beautiful, loving new mother,” says Dr. Ruth Lawrence, professor at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. “She has dressed to carry and feed her baby when needed.  She makes a model image.”

Beyonce’s decision to breast feed publicly also added to the fire for advocates who have recently been outraged by Facebook’s decision to flag or disable photos of women who are breastfeeding.

Women across the states were outraged, but feel empowered by Beyonce’s superstar example.

Source: HelloBeautiful

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