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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio – Several local drivers say they would support a proposed nationwide ban on cellphone use while driving.

Beverly Acker of Westlake admitted that she talks on her cellphone when she’s behind the wheel. But she said she supports a proposed nationwide ban on cellphone use while driving.

“If you’re talking a lot, you’re not paying attention,” she said.

That’s why the National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that each state impose a ban on the use of all personal electronic devices in a car, except in emergencies. The board said 600,000 crashes and 3,000 deaths occur every year because of distracted drivers.

In North Olmsted, a ban on cellphone use while driving has been in effect since 2002.

“I suspect that some people are not using their cellphones in North Olmsted,” Police Lt. Robert Flynn said, “and I’m sure that has a positive effect on reducing traffic crashes.”

The North Olmsted ban is secondary, meaning drivers in violation are only issued a ticket if they break another traffic law at the same time.

Talking on your cell phone while driving is also against the law in Brooklyn, Ohio, which was actually the first city in the nation to impose such a ban.

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