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CMSD CEO recommends staff layoffs, employee separation plan and facility relocation to address $66 million deficit.

The Board of Education of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is considering a number of options for addressing the district’s $66 million deficit, including recommendations in three key areas presented to them at the Board’s regular meeting by Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon.

“While our Academic Transformation strategies continue to drive our work, we are

exploring options to address our fiscal challenges,” said Gordon. “This does not mean

we have to stop working toward these goals, even as we make difficult choices.”

Scenarios shared with the Board include Reductions in Force, implementation of an

employee separation plan and a master facilities relocation study, three of six areas the

CEO said would allow the district to meet its legal requirement to enter 2012 fiscal year

without a budget deficit.

“Solutions to our ongoing budget crisis demand not only public accountability but also

adherence to a pledge to resolve CMSD’s academic and fiscal problems not with

temporary fixes, but with long-term, sustainable strategies,” said Gordon.

In the last two years, CMSD has cut $117 million from its budget in ways the CEO said

have affected staff and operations in every area of the school system.

Recommendations presented to the Board this evening included:

• A reduction of at least 600 teachers and at least 50 members of the district’s

support staff.

• A reduction in the number of specialty subject periods, affecting art, music,

physical education and library/media. Although students will continue to

receive instruction in these specialty areas, there will be fewer opportunities to

do so. As a result of this change, core subject instructional time would remain

unchanged; all students would continue to be exposed to all specialty subjects;

the school day for K-8 students would be reduced by 50 minutes; and the

teacher day for K-8 buildings would remain the same, thus increasing

opportunities for staff collaboration.

• Implementation of an employee separation incentive program to be offered to

those CMSD employees currently paid from the certified teachers schedule to

minimize the number of reductions in force (RIF) anticipated as part of the budget

plan and to generate savings.

• A consolidation of the Central Administration into one leased downtown office

space, to consolidate Professional Development, Central Command Center and

the Data Center at East High School and to move forward with the sale of

buildings the District no longer needs, to realize a net savings to the district of

approximately $5 million over 5 years, $13 million over 10 years and $54 million

over 30 years.

At its next meeting on April 17, the Board will explore budget reductions, operational

efficiencies and labor negotiations as additional options for reducing the deficit.

Click here to see the Cleveland School Plan.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News


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