Firefighters spent all Monday morning battling a fire on Cleveland’s west side — right next to a famous landmark “The Christmas Story House.”

The good news is the “fragile” leg lamp is still standing and somehow so is the Christmas house on W. 11th Street in Tremont. The fire broke out next door at about 8:15 AM.

Marlene Childers called 911 from her home a few doors down.

“There’s a fire! There”s a fire! It scared me silly because I thought people were in the home,” said Marlene Childers.

Marlene says her neighbors who live in the house are Cleveland Police officers. Turns out they are at Disneyland with their kids. A couple of guys were there dog sitting the family’s two dogs and firefighters found them barking on the upstairs porch.

“We immediately put the ladder up to porch it was a pit bull,” said Cleveland Firefighter Larry Gray.

They’re pretty sure the fire started in a third floor bedroom and may have been electrical.

Both dogs and the two men inside made it out without a scratch.

When you see just how close together the homes are it’s hard to believe the Christmas Story house on the other side is unscathed too.  And here’s where we would like to give huge props to Cleveland firefighters.  It didn’t even take them 5 minutes to get here — a fact that is not lost on Marlene who called 911.

“Ah they were VERY fast! Turned around twice and they were here in massive amounts,” said Marlene Childers. “I praise god for them. They are hard workers.”

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News