12 Lies Men Tell Before Sex


Boys will say anything to get a girl in bed.You already know men will do anything to get a woman into bed-especially when she’s as awesome as you are. And they’re rarely slick about it. That’s why we asked you to tweet us the biggest doozies you’ve heard from dudes in search of a little nooky. Get ready to LOL at these weak lines.

By Elisa Benson

“‘Come over, I just want to snuggle.'” -Megan C.

“‘You should take your clothes off. We won’t even have sex. I just love the feeling of your skin against mine.'” -Vanessa C.

“‘I hardly ever have sex on a first date.'” -Kelsey H.

“‘It’s cold in here, let’s get under the covers.'” -Pam S.

“‘You’re beautiful and it would be an honor to get to sleep with you.'” -Miranda C.

“‘I wont tell if you won’t.'” -Jen B.

“‘I just want to take a nice bubble bath with you – nothing else!'” -Krystal

“‘Want to come meet my dog?’ At 3 a.m. LMAO.” -Kathryn G.

“‘Just let me put the tip in!'” -Jen B.

“‘I have a cop uniform in my room… want to see?’ I love men in uniform, so needless to say I fell for it.” -Maddy C.

“‘You don’t have to return the favor…'” -Drew B.

“‘Wanna go watch tv in your room?'” -Melanie D.

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