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A woman viciously attacked by three rampaging pit bulls has gone to court in an attempt to win $1.25 million dollars in damages from the dog’s owners.

57 year old Frankie Forsh, from Douglas County, Georgia, was out for a walk on July 5, 2010 when the three untethered dogs mauled her causing serious injuries to her face, arms and legs.

Appearing in court still sporting significant scarring almost two years on, Forsh says that she still experiences pain, especially in her legs. ‘I still have flashbacks sometimes and I ask, why me?’ said Forsh to Douglas County judge David Emerson.

Forsh was in court with her husband and her attorney Jack Clay who requested the court award his client $1.25 million in compensation.

The dog’s owners did not appear in court but Shawn Williams, who was taking care of the animals at the time did.

‘As a result of my faith, I am able to forgive him but not forget,’ said Forsh. ‘I do think they need to step forward and take responsibility towards their actions in which the owners do not want to do.’ Several people in the court room were left stunned and some even gasped when pictures of Forsh’s facial injuries immediately after the attack were shown to the court.

‘I remember the dogs jumping on my arm and one of them in my face,’ explained Forsh. ‘Thoughts going through my head that day was I’d never see my husband and my girls again. In his defense, Shawn Williams told the judge that he could not be blamed for the actions of other peoples animals.

’I really didn’t have anything to do with taking care of the dogs – I pleaded guilty to it at the time because my lawyer told me that was my best plea under the charges I faced,’ said Mr. Williams.

‘Your honor, I am not ashamed to sit here today and ask that an award be issued in this case by you and what I am going to ask the court to do is to award Forsh a sum of $1.25 million dollars,’ said Mr Clay. The judge will now enter into a review of the case before making his judgement in around a weeks time.

However, even if Forsh is awarded the full sum she is seeking by the court her attorney is unsure that she will see the full amount due to the defendants financial situations.

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