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The ladies of “The View” are none too pleased that their very own Sherri Shepherd was kicked off of “Dancing With the Stars.”

Sherri was welcomed with a standing ovation when she returned to the table on “The View” Wednesday morning. Although she was still a little weepy, Sherri was still gracious about being booted from the ballroom. 

“DWTS” viewers across the country were shocked when Sherri was sent packing on Tuesday night since she’d been one of the frontrunners. Not the least of those were Sherri’s co-hosts!

“We are not happy. She was robbed!” Whoopi Goldberg exclaimed before addressing Sherri. “We are very happy to have you home, but upset that this is what they chose to do when there were clearly many people that could have and should have gone home.”

“It’s not like Urkel was Baryshikov, either,” Joy Behar said. “There were others who cannot dance on that show.”

“You just were shining the whole time, Sherri,” Elizabeth Hasselbeck added. “I was bawling my eyes out. I could not believe it, but you handled it with such grace.”

Sherri explained that her tears weren’t because she was throwing a temper tantrum, rather because she got to live a dream that she’d had for a while. “I wanted to do this for so long,” Sherri said “And when you work so hard at something to be taken off the ride so soon it’s just—it was devastating, but I’m just very thankful. Truly.”

One reason Sherri has to smile is that she got over some stage fight that she didn’t know she had. “I was scared every week, and I learned how to just do it scared,” she admitted. “There’s a freedom in dancing and expressing, and I got to dance for my son. That was very emotional.”

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