8 Dating Turn Offs That Men Do

By yeahshesaidit April 5, 2010 11:00 am

When a woman first starts dating a guy, there are certain factors that can be key turn offs and could possibly prevent her from pursuing a relationship with him. This is a quick guide for the fellas. If the girl you just started dating suddenly stopped calling you, one of these reasons could be why.

1. Keeping A Nasty Apartment

I am not sure where to begin. Something about a man who keeps his apartment clean leaves a good impression with me when I first started dating him. I disliked going to a man’s house more when I know it’s nasty. Which in turn makes me spend less time with him.

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2. Making It Obvious That You Are Dating Various Women

Women do not want to knowingly date doggish men. So, if every time I am with you your phone will not stop vibrating because you have 30 different “female freinds” calling it then that is going to turn me the hell off. See, it is different with men and women. When a woman starts dating a man that she wants to step his game up, might initiate other dudes to call her in front of the guy she really wants purposely. If this guy likes her then his alpha male instincts will kick in and he knows he needs to either make a commitment to her or step up his game with her to alleviate her giving the other guys any attention. Versus when a woman sees that a man is dating several women, we automatically assume that you are probably sleeping with all of them and we are just your Wednesday or Thursday night date. Women hate to feel second to any other women. Therefore giving this impression when we first start dating might make your phone calls hardly if ever be returned, our quality time with you shorter, your number deleted from out phone, and finally our interest in you deteriorating.

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3. Baby Mama Drama

For any woman who likes her life to be drama free, the first sign that you have baby mama drama is enough to make us run in the other direction. Immediately out mind goes to some crazy woman slashing out tires and stalking us at work. We figure if you can’t contain the drama between you and her then who is to say that it won’t spill over into our lives? With that being said, if you are dating men over the age of 25 then chances are he will have at least one child. So as a side note also pay attention to how he treats his children and how much time he spends with them. This might also be a clear sign that you need to break away and he is not the man that you want to get serious with.

4. Momma Issues

I know everyone has issues. However similar to woman with their Daddy issues there are men who have moma issues. He may have a broken relationship with her or no relationship at all and this subconsciously causes some men to treat other women in their lives badly. The resentment that they feel towards their mother seeps into their romantic relationships with women. I am not a psychologist but I do have common sense and can pay attention to patterns. From what I can see, the guys who have dysfunctional relationships with their mothers or mother figures usually are bitter as hell towards women in general and tend to treat them with some sort of disdain. I am not suggesting that you never date a man with unresolved moma issues, I’m just saying beware…. To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt