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Are You a Serial Dater?
By Staci Cox,

–Here you are again, and again; finding yourself on date, after DATE! Feeling like stop the madness already? From an outsider looking in, you may be coined a “Serial Dater”.

A Serial Dater is exactly what it sounds like, a person who goes on massive first and maybe even second dates, but the relationship ends there. A Serial Dater can also be someone who goes on many different casual dates. I’ve once been coined a “Serial Dater” from a former classmate; and I may be just that, there are numerous reasons why one may be a Serial Dater. The world is filled with all kinds of fun and some not so fun people, and we meet them on a daily basis.

If you’re a picky person like me, then you may be a Serial Dater. Being picky has its ups and downs, and can turn out absolutely fantabulous or may be seen as being a douche. I’m not into dating just anyone, and sometimes it takes a couple of dates to figure out if that person is A ok or…. hum CHECK PLEASE!

If you love hard you may also be a Serial Dater, and trust me loving hard is a great thing, but we never want to love the wrong person, and that’s why dating a variety of people helps decide if indeed that person is the “one.”

If I’m dating someone and I’m giving more than I’m getting. I must put an end to it, and I simply do. Instead of sitting around sad about it, I continue to date. Continuing to date time after another expecting not to be let down. However, guarded with belief of being let down eventually. Although guarded with that belief, I still have hope that love won’t let me down, and I’ll continue to date.

There is nothing wrong with being a Serial Dater, but there are rules. Must keep it as casual as possible if you know what I mean. No intimacy is allowed in the course of “Serial Dating”, because it’s normally short term. Anything past 90 days is beyond the “Serial” period, but to each his own.

Are you a Serial Dater?

Would you date someone if you knew he/she was a Serial Dater?

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