Yesterday, Terrell sat down with Dr. Phil and went head to head with three of his kids’ mothers. [The fourth one refused to show up for one reason or another].  While there, the three women basically had the same story of Terrell’s lack of interest in seeing his kids and neglecting his responsibilities as a father.  Meanwhile, Terrell was fishing for every excuse in the book  which included his current money woes and believing the women were gold-diggers looking for a pay-out from his baller days. He even described his relationship with his father, that he said he didn’t know who his dad was until he was 10 or 12 years old, even though his Dad lived right across the street.

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One-by-one Kimberly Floyd, Melanie Paige Smith and Monique Reynolds all described how T.O. exemplified being a deadbeat dad with Kimberly’s mother calling him “evil” and Melanie saying that Terrell hasn’t seen their daughter because he won’t buy the plane ticket for her to bring her daughter to see him. Terrell, however,  said he’s being misunderstood in the media and being made out to be the bad guy.

“I’m not like what my persona exudes when I’m on the field. I’m very passionate to get where I am, to be where I am, and that’s my drive. I did it for my family. I did it for my grandmother.[…]Within the media, they think I’m a selfish, arrogant, cocky person. My character has been mis-portrayed. The media won’t allow me to turn over a new leaf.”

I love my kids to death and I definitely want to have that relationship with my kids that I didn’t have with my father. With me not being physically, year-round, in the same place as my kids, it’s hard for me to establish that relationship. People may think I’m a deadbeat dad but I was fulfilling my obligations as far as financial support.”

Kimberly, mother of Terrell’s 7-year-old daughter, says that “Terrell wants to do, literally, the bare minimum.” She said that Terrell had only seen their daughter 12 times in her life and never sends birthday or Christmas presents. She also claims that Terrell hasn’t even spoken to his daughter in over a year.

Monique, mother of Terrell’s 12-year-old son says that Terrell made public appearances with their son just so that he would look like the proud father and pump up his image.  She also said that he called her to see if her child would be a part of ‘The TO Show’ and she wasn’t about to let him exploit their kid. Although Terrell claimed that he wasn’t in a relationship with any of the kids’ mothers, Monique says that she and Terrell were together until his career took off, lived together for 8 months and his personality started to change with the fame.

Melanie, mother of Terrell’s 7 year old daughter, says she is still struggling to make ends meet and raise her child alone.

All in all, it wasn’t the best look for T.O. Not only did the ladies put a foot in his a–, Dr. Phil joined in to see why Terrell had been neglecting his fatherly responsibilities. His money problems have been laid out in the media with Terrell saying that he blew threw $80 million [on money, cars, clothes, poppin’ bottles and other disposable things] and doesn’t have a dime to his name. He said at one point he was paying out over $45,000 a month in child support alone and now that he has no job and no income coming in, he just can’t keep up with the child support payments. Considering that when he grew up his father wasn’t around I hope this was a wake up call to at least spend more time with his children.

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