Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden just became one of our favorite players in the game. The 23-year-old NFLer made one high school senior’s prom truly one of the most special nights of her life by being her date for the dance, and all she did was ask—on Twitter.

“[The tweet] just said, ‘Hey Joe, would you consider going to my senior prom with me because my date backed out and didn’t go,’ ” Independence High School student Joyce Grendel told Fox 8.

Within a few hours, she got the shock of her life—Joe responded with a “yes.”

The 18-year-old was understandably nervous as she got ready for her big date Saturday night, and Joe did not disappoint, picking her up from her home not in a customary limo, but in a white Lamborghini. And though he was the man everyone was looking for that night, Joe said it was a big night for him too because he never made it to his senior prom since he graduated early.

“I am nervous, too,” he told Fox. “We were taking pictures with me and her family. I feel this is very legit, like I was getting ready, ‘Does this look cool?’ when I’m getting ready. I feel like I’m very legit. This is my prom, too.”

Though it seems like a far stretch that a pro athlete would take a random girl to prom, Joe and Joyce have a little history, at least as far as fandom goes. Prom actually wasn’t the first time Joyce and her friend, Lacey, who accompanied them to the dance with her own date, met Joe.

“I knew her because she tweets me a lot, and she’s been a really good Haden Nation supporter. All my autographs, all my signings, she always shows up, and Lacey,” he said.

Even Joyce’s dad felt like his daughter couldn’t have had a better date for the night.

“We met him last year. As a matter of fact, the kids went bowling with him downtown. You couldn’t find a nicer guy. I talked to him a little bit there. He’s not different than any of us; he’s just a quality guy.”

How sweet! Check out the video of the teen’s special night here.