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Ok, we really need to stop trying to bury people that are still alive! We have yet another story about someone waking up at their own funeral!

Mourners at a funeral in Egypt swapped tears for cheers when the ‘dead’ body they were burying woke up. 28 year old Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi, a waiter from Naga al-Simmanm, near Luxor was declared dead after suffering a heart attack at work.

His body was being prepared for burial when a doctor, sent to sign his death certificate, discovered he was still warm. Family members were so convinced al-Nubdi was dead they had already washed his body, according to Islamic tradition, and were preparing to bury him on Friday evening.

After finding he was still warm, the doctor checked his vital signs and discovered he was still breathing. She quickly revived al-Nubdi – along with his mother, who had fainted when she heard her son wasn’t dead.

Rather than cancel the funeral, mourners turned the funeral into a party! It’s not the first time someone has come ‘back from the dead’ at their own funeral.

Just last month a 95-year-old Chinese woman climbed out of her own coffin SIX days after she was thought to have died following a fall.

Li Xiufeng was found motionless and not breathing in bed by a neighbor two weeks after tripping and suffering a head injury at her home in Beiliu, Guangxi Province.

When the neighbor who found her could not wake her up, they feared the worst and thought the elderly woman had passed away.

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