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6 things you should tell a guy before the third date

By Lauren Romano | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Tue, May 15, 2012 2:54 PM

Many women go out with a guy only once before realizing they’re not exactly right for each other so there’s usually no need to divulge certain pieces of information. However, if you find a guy you like enough to continue dating, you may want to get ready to open up a bit. I’m a pretty open person to guys I’m dating, but there’s certain things I make sure to get out of the way within the first couple of dates. Get to the third date and that’s when things start to get more serious. It might seem a bit early, but it’s better to put some relevant info out there before some serious feelings get involved. By the third date, there’s some information the guy should know about you that you really shouldn’t hold off telling him.

The type of relationship you want

It doesn’t matter if you just want to go out on dates or you’re looking for something serious, it’s something the guy needs to know about by the third date before feelings get invested. If he wants something serious and you don’t, all you’re doing is stringing him along. The sooner you fill him in on your intentions, the better it’ll be for both of you.

What your job is like

Telling him about your job might not seem like a big deal, but if you work a lot of hours or travel often for business, it’s relevant to your relationship especially if it’s going to have an effect on how often you see each other. It’s one of the first things I make sure to tell a guy so he doesn’t think I’m blowing him off or that I’m disinterested.

Your living situation

Whether you live by yourself, with roommates, you’re a caregiver for a loved one or you are planning on moving from your current location, tell him about it within the first few dates. I once dated a guy who told me he lived in a basement apartment, which I had no problem with, but on the third date he decided to spring it on me that he actually lived in the basement of his parents house because his mother still did everything for him and he expected his future wife to do the same. That was the last time I saw him.

Your sexual health

If you have any STDs or any issues with your sexual health, it’s something the guy should know about before you have sex with each other or before the third date – whichever comes first. You may be petrified of telling him, but he’s eventually going to find out, so the sooner you tell him the less it will weigh on your mind.

Details about significant past relationships

There are many who have an aversion to talking about past relationships, but he has the right to know at least some details about your past if you’re thinking of having a future with him. This is especially true if you were married before and you either got divorced or your spouse passed away. You don’t have to tell him everything unless you want to, but give him enough information so he feels you opened up to him about your past.

Whether or not you have kids (or want them)

He should know on the first date or before whether or not you have kids. I have a few guy friends who have no interest in having kids; however, a few ladies they were dating kept it quiet that they had kids at home even after knowing how their guy felt. Their explanation was that they didn’t want to scare them off (because somehow lying would made it better). Avoid telling him on the first date whether or not you want kids if you don’t already have them, but definitely bring it up in conversation by the third date.

You may be nervous about telling your guy the aforementioned info, but it’s going to go over a lot better if you tell him sooner than later. If you wait until several dates in, he’s going to know you waited on purpose and he’s very likely going to be upset that you waited until feelings were involved to tell him. Tell him sooner and get it over with; you no longer have to think about it, he can decide what he wants to do with what you told him and you’ll know where the two of you stand. Original Story

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