Remember when “Girlfriends” was on UPN? Man, Monday nights would never be the same. “Girfriends” was blackwomen’s own version of “Sex and the City,” but something they could relate to just a little bit more (not everyone can splurge on Manolo Blahnik shoes like some people). These sistas were smart, funny, classy (except for Lynn at times), fashionable, and did I mention funny? Their broke, busted and disgusted relationships and somewhat all over the place lives were what kept us tuned in every Monday, and without the show, we wouldn’t have had the good years of “The Game,” (its spinoff) and positive representations of black women. Those WERE the days. Let’s see where the cast is at nowadays…


Tracee Ellis Ross

Good ‘ol Joan Clayton. Such a good friend, but so unlucky at love. If you watched the show, you know she dated her share of interesting characters (a former sex addict, a younger man who temporarily got her on drugs, an actor, so on and so forth), and her rocky relationships were what made her so easy to relate to. She was the den mother, and a low-key fashion icon. In real life, Ross is still known for her fashion sense, and after a period of being in and out of the public eye, she got back to television and had a few film roles. She did the VERY random movie, “Labor Pains,” had a guest role on CSI as Laurence Fishburne’s ex-wife, and of course, we know she became the lead actress on the BET show, “Reed Between the Lines.” She’s also slated to be a star on a new NBC drama called “Bad Girls.” I know Diana is too proud!


Golden Brooks

When this show started, for a while there, I couldn’t stand Maya Wilkes. She was always saying, “Oh HELL no!” and had too much of a paranoid mindset and bad attitude. But the more I watched her, the more interesting she became (and funny!), especially when she was trying to repair her relationship with Darnell. After the show ended, she also went in and out of the public eye. She did one episode of “CSI” and “The Exes,” and acquired some more film roles for her resume: “The Great Divide,” “The Inheritance,” and she just completed “The Mudman” and “A Beautiful Soul.” Brooks also became a mother. She has a daughter named Dakota with the very fine actor D.B. Woodside.


Persia White

Talk about somebody really going MIA! Well, anyway, White played the very promiscuous but extremely deep (yet lost at the same time) Lynn Searcy. Lynn spent a lot of time on the show exploring her sexuality, trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life (which involved making documentaries and later, trying to be a singer), and of course, mooching off of Joan. In real life, White was gone for a minute, but has popped back up all over the place. On top of parting from her famous poet husband Saul Williams, White did the movies “Spoken Word,” “Dysfunctional Friends,” “The Marriage Chronicles,” and just finished two new films: “Mafia” and “No Mo Games.” You probably also peeped her out during her short stint on the show “Vampire Diaries” as Abby Bennett Wilson.

Source: Sandra Rose

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