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Royce is turning out to be the “Basektball Wives” cast member with the most sense. That’s evident from the story lines we see of her building her acting career and participating in charity events. It’s also clear from the company she doesn’t keep, although it’s quite amusing that the two women who have been involved in every instance of drama this season—Evelyn and Shaunie—refused to film with her while Royce has been doing her thing professionally on her own. It’s also funny Evelyn doesn’t mind taping with the woman she supposedly hates more than anyone else in the world, Jen, but that’s for another discussion.

During an interview with TT Torrez at iPower 92.1, Royce talked about being sort of the outcast of the group—outcast meaning the only one not involved in drama—and she told the host:

“When I first started the show my primary purpose was to clear up the image that had been given to me. It was kind of hindering me from pursuing my career because of what people thought of me and when that image stared changing, I thought its time for me to focus on my real life outside of arguing with people.”

Royce has been able to distance herself from the negativity all of the other girls have received after fighting for a better story line, she says, but she’s picked up another label along the way: a needy woman who can’t be without a man. During the interview, TT put Royce on blast a little bit by pointing out that she’s been coupled with a different man on every season of “Basketball Wives.” Her statement was a tad inaccurate because Royce was single during season 1 but after that she was coupled with Dwayne, then Bryan, and now Dezmond, whose public approval rating has completely tanked since his very public social media sexting fiasco. When the host asked Royce if she thinks she might really be needy like her father said she is on a previous episode, she responded, “I don’t have to have a man but I don’t like being alone either.” And she’s not alone now because when it comes to Dezmond and the breakup everyone thought would happen, she said:

“We’re good. As far as the whole thing that went on online, that situation is crazy. I understand why he did it, yes it was wrong, but the fact is Dezmond never cheated on me.

“I’m not going to leave Dezmond because of what the world thinks that I should do. I love him, he loves me, and I’m not going to leave him for the one thing that he did wrong when there were so many other things that he did right.”

That would be cool if Dezmond shut down that drama before it hit the web but Royce seems to be missing the fact that there’s a reason the baby mama of her boyfriend or fiance or whatever he is still has some attachment to Dez, because he was sending her more than suggestive messages. And let’s just be real about it, if he denied he was even sending the sexts in the first place, until the evidence slapped him in the face, he could just as easily be lying about not acting on them. For some reason Royce doesn’t see it that way, or else she’s willing to wait until he grows up. She told the radio host.

“[Dez] knows it was wrong and he knows it was humiliating and embarrassing to me but I’m also not oblivious to the fact that Dez is young.”

Old enough to know better but still young enough to do it? That sounds about right. The age difference between Royce and her boyfriend wouldn’t be a big deal under different circumstances but with her being 31 and clearly ready to walk down the aisle, and him being 22 and just a couple of years into the league, eight months into their relationship, and a couple months post-nasty picture sending, the odds of this panning out just aren’t in her favor. Royce fully intends to participate in the next season of “Basketball Wives”—if there is one—and when the radio host told her she better not appear on season 5 with a new man, Royce promised she wouldn’t. That may be the case, but I’d be surprised if she showed up with Dezmond, unless she just refuses to see the writing on the wall.

Check out the audio of Royce’s interview here.

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