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“Temptation is the devils cousin. It’ll take what u have by showin u what u think u want then laugh when u give up the best u had *MeSsAgE*”

Royce Reed of Basketball Wives tweeted that just hours before announcing (via Twitter of course) that she and her Tampa Bay Buccaneers boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe have officially called it quits with the tweets below:

This announcement doesn’t come as a shock considering the drama that has ensued between these two for months. Dezmon has been accused of sexting other women, most notably the mother of his child. He admitted to the suggestive text messages between he and his son’s mother, but Royce appeared to want to move past it.

As Sister 2 Sister points out:

On Part 2 of the season 4 “Basketball Wives” reunion special [taped last month], fans will watch Royce Reed assert that she’s working to save her relationship with Briscoe.

On the show, she told host John Salley: “I decided to stay with Dezmon for all the things he did right, not the one thing he did wrong. Yes, it was wrong. Yes, I was hurt. Yes, I was humiliated, but I’m not gonna sit here and base my relationship off of what the world says I should do.”

It’s not clear what happened in the past month that made the reality TV star change her mind about saving the relationship, but who can blame her for walking away?

Dezmon hasn’t publicly acknowledged the split, in fact, besides retweeting a “Be the best you that you can be” tweet from Kevin D, he hasn’t tweeted a thing since Royce’s announcement. Considering his delayed reaction to being outed by his child’s mother, we can probably expect something from him in about a day or two, if he cares.

Do you think these two are done for good? Was Royce right to finally break things off with Dezmon?

via MadameNoire

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