Adam “Pacman” Jones has always been a bit of a troublesome player in the NFL but trouble from 2007 has caught up to him and it will cost. Big.

Five years ago during NBA All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas, Pacman went to Minxx strip club where he proceeded to “make it rain” on the dancers. He got upset when one of the dancers started taking money with out asking first.  He allegedly grabbed the woman’s arm and slammed her head into the stage. Security ended up having a fight with Jones’ entourage and  a melee ensued outside the club and three people were shot, including security guards Aaron Cudworth and Thomas Urbanski.  Urbanski, sadly, was paralyzed from the waist down.

Although Jones didn’t fire the gun, both Cudworth and Urbanski sued him over the shooting – and won. Last Friday, the Nevada courts awarded Cudworth $1.3 million in damages and Urbanski $9.6 million in damages.  Also, Urbanski’s wife won $750,000 after suing for loss of marital relations.

Jones is currently a member of the Cincinnati Bengals but because he’s seen as a liability, I can’t imagine he’s making a lot of money.  It’ll be interesting to see if any of the people who won settlements will actually see any of the money.

via MadameNoire

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