Alicia Keys (shown above in a recent Instagram pic taken by her hubby Swizz Beatz at Revel Resort in Atlantic Casino) recently released a video where she talked about how she has changed personally and its impact on her next album.  She said,

 “I’ve gone through so much growth and so much realization and realizing that in life different things come and different things change. I’ve learned that I have to trust myself and trust my instincts. I had to and I have to be braver than I’ve ever had to be before.”

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She added:

“It’s like I’m a different person. I’m a new person. Everything is new, from being married and having a baby… I’ve become so much more intelligent and I survey the landscape more and try to come up with what’s the best thing for me, what’s the best thing for Egypt, what’s the best thing for our family.”

Though she didn’t reveal the album title or a release date, she did share that she’s feeling like a caged animal and ready to be released.

 “I am hungry, I am an animal right now. I am just ready to be set free in a whole other way,” she said. “When it comes to sharing this music with you, I am like a caged animal that’s dying to escape.”

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