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We know a lot of things about Tyler Perry but his drinking habit wasn’t one of them, until recently. During an interview with Essence on his latest film, Madea’s Witness Protection, Tyler divulged that he’d developed a bit of a habit after his mother passed. Interestingly, Tyler admitted this after being asked an innocent question by the interviewer about his non-stop projects and work ethic: So, when do you sleep?

“I actually get eight hours of sleep,” Tyler responded. “And I’m doing a lot better now since I stopped drinking about four months ago when my mother died. When she got sick in 2009 I started drinking every night because I couldn’t sleep — every night up to a couple of months ago. I never had a problem but I certainly was on way to having one.”

Tyler said Cognac was his drink of choice, adding that he’d have a nice big glass of Hennessy to sleep through the night, but then suddenly that all changed.

“It was President Obama’s visit to my studio,” Tyler said. “I don’t know what happened there, but when he came everything became clear. I just kind of came out of a haze. It was like, ‘Wake up, kid. You know life is still going on. I know you miss her, I know you care but wake up. Life is still going on’ I swear the day after he left was the day I just said I am going to sleep without it.”

It seems that’s been working ever since. Switching gears a bit, Essence also asked Tyler what he thinks about the reality shows like “The Real Housewives” and “Love & Hip-Hop” being filmed in his city and he said that’s not something he’s losing sleep over either.

“I’ve never seen Love and Hip-Hop. The reason things are coming our of Atlanta is I fought very hard to have a 30 percent film tax incentive there. This year 58 movies were shot there and a bunch of television shows are getting this tax break so that’s why they are being shot out of Atlanta. I don’t have any criticism for other people’s work but I have seen one or two things that have made me go, ‘What the hell is this?’ The quality, the film quality and they way it looks is so fantastic but the show itself is so bad. I’m thinking, ‘Man, you’ve got it. Why can’t you find another way to make this better? You’ve got it but the show itself yeah.”

I’m just going to tiptoe out of this because I’m sure somebody is about to lay into this man for his own Tyler Perry Studios productions. But besides that, are you surprised to learn about his drinking habit?

via MadameNoire

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