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3 Startling Truths About The Dating Game My Guy Friends Taught Me

By Telisha N

I am so grateful that I have really great guy friends with such interesting lives. I remember last month during the Toronto edition of Battle of The Sexes one of our female guests said that platonic friendships with men cease to exist because those friends were actually just waiting for a chance to get with her. I say SO WHAT! Women are to be desired, that’s nothing to be ashamed of or concerned over. Whether my male friends are just waiting for a chance they’ll never have or genuinely cool people- I’m grateful for them same way!

I have come up with three elements of game that men rarely open up about that more women need to be hip to. Ladies I got you, class is now in session!

*Men will return to your bed even if the sex is bad

Logically it doesn’t make sense, because for women if the sex feels bad it messes up our entire day. For men if sex is bad they will still find a way to get off and feel that release and come back a few times. They return because of logistics and not logic– if the location/situation is convenient and the numbers (body measurements) add up- Hi, how you doin’?

*Men secretly drool over women with boundaries who are comfortable saying no

When compared to men, women generally have a harder time saying no. Ladies who have a hard time saying no, no matter how statuesque they appear will usually run into men who will use that to their advantage. Establishing and reinforcing personal boundaries are a skill set that I cover in my workshops (cue to hit me up about the next one Personal boundaries help keep the best players in the game and men love competition and winning.

A woman who is comfortable with saying no is usually loyal, assertive, respectful and extremely attractive. Don’t let the initial reaction or the thoughts of the worst reaction scare you off. Stand your ground and get yo’ MVP.

*Men are more than happy to be on the side if you allow them to be

I hate my guy friends for this one! I work hard to make sure my lady friends, coaching clients and I don’t end up being that lost woman on the side while men kick up their feet at the thought of being that go-to dude. He’s winning because being on the side means he does not have to deal with boyfriend duties which include sacrificing his disposable income. He may become emotionally attached in the end, but unlike us lady loves, he can easily detach and replace, especially if sex is the foundation of the affair.

That’s all the secrets of the game that I can divulge for now.

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