Turns out a single lady is not just a role LisaRaye McCoy plays on TV. The VH1 actress covers BEMagazine’s XXXXI digital issue this month and reveals she is still single after her public divorce to the former Premier of Turks and Caicos, Michael Misick. She is now waiting for the next man to come and sweep her off of her feet.

Inside, she also speaks on having fans still refer to her as “Diamond” and how having to compete with reality TV stars nowadays is starting to mess with her pockets.

Peep a few excerpts from the interview below:

On finding a man:

I am a single lady. I can’t really say I’m looking for him; I just want to bump into him. I want to BE surprised. I want to BE swept off my feet like…is that, could that…why it’s him! I want that whole thing with the music playing in the background and everything…

On still being called her past & present characters:

People call me Diamond all the time. It ranges from Diamond to Niecy to now Keisha. People in the grocery store will call me Keisha & I look around like “who me?” They reply with “girl you know that’s you…”

On the current state of reality TV: 

You know what’s so funny is that I was actually a part of one of the first reality shows on Bravo called ‘The It Factor’. It was so much fun. Now, reality shows have really gotten out of hand. I am offended by it somewhat because being an actress, I’m now competing with Reality TV stars on TV and in my pockets…



Check out the full interview on Be Magazine when the digital issue drops this Friday July 27th.

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