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You emailed us and as promised, we answered. Check out this week’s Strand Therapy Q&A. Keep the questions coming. Be sure to send them to We love this stuff!

My hair is really curly. I have dermatitis and it covers mostly the front of my hair area. It’s really embarrassing and I really would like to cover it up with bangs but I’m afraid that my hair is to curly to have bangs. What should I do? Also I have badly burnt hair so I feel like I’m in a bigger risk of burning all my hair to shreds. Please help me. What can I do to fix this problem?


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Hello Jessie,

It sounds like you’re experiencing a few hair challenges. I have a few questions that might be better answered through a verbal conversation. For example, how did you hair become burnt? What is your hair length and overall hair goal? Have you been diagnosed with dermatitis by a dermatologist? Can you give us a call at 1(800)535-8683 and ask for our Education Department.

Talk to you Soon!


I been wearing weaves for several years now not because my hair was short it was thick and very curly and hard to manage because I always has sweat in my head. Over the years that I been wearing weaves my hair has become very thin, dry and I’m continuing to lose my hair. Can you please tell me how I can restore the thick healthy hair I had.


Hello Loretta.

This can be a common challenge after years of weaves. First, refrain from getting weaves or braids. And chemical services like relaxers and color should be placed on hold too. I suggest treating yourself to a weekly moisture-protein regimen until you begin to feel and see a difference in your hair. Use shampoos that are sulfate free. They should be nourishing to touch, but not heavy. Look for deep penetrating conditioners to restore moisture as well. To test a conditioner, dab a dime size amount on the back of your hair. If it penetrates your skin, then great! But if the conditioner sits on top of your skin, then leave it. For styles, have some fun with sets. I love braid outs, flexi-rods, and even roller sets. Get on YouTube and search for a few fabulous styles to try.

Hope this helps!



I had a Coppola Keratin put in on April 6th, I miss wearing my hair curly for the summer will I have to wait until the Keratin wears out before I can wear curly again? The same goes for my 11-year old, I put that Suave Smoothing treatment in her hair on April 29th and she wants to wear her hair curly again. Will she have to wait as well?

They have since taken the Suave Smoothing treatment off the market.

Thanks for your help!


It’s difficult to provide a definite answer to your questions without having tried these products or felt/seen your hair. I recommend refraining from Keratin systems if the results you’re getting are not what you’re desiring. Just wear your beautiful, natural curls! Smoothing treatments tend to elongate curls, oftentimes making it difficult to return to your natural curls. So yes, more than likely you’ll have to wait for the system to grow out. However, you can set your hair in natural styles to try to reactivate your natural curls. Try twist sets or braid outs. You can also use flexi- rods. Lastly, be mindful of the amount of heat you’re applying to your hair. A common result of heat damage is the loss of one’s curl pattern.



I have been without a relaxer for over two years and my hair has become even worse! I go between braids and sew-in but it’s still not growing. It is damaged in so many spots, so I think I’m going back to a relaxer! But I wondering before I did that, should I do a Keratin treatment or the Essential Designs that I read about on your website!

Thank you in advance!

Nappy Coarse and thick hair


Hey Takesha!

I think you would love Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System (STS)! It’s an excellent suite of products. I love that STS makes hair softer, stronger, and more manageable. Are you looking to wear your hair in its natural state, or do you prefer to straighten your hair? That would determine which STS product I’d recommend. If you like your curls but need more manageability and control, then talk to a professional stylist about our Elongation Mousse. If you’re a straight naturalista, then take a look at our Transitioning Mousse. You’ll also really love the Sulfate-Free Shampoo. It’s like silk in a bottle. Watch these STS videos for more information: or visit the Design Essentials YouTube channel.

Here’s the healthy, happy hair!


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