[] Questions continue to loom over the death of Chavis Carter as a state crime lab has ruled his death a suicide.

The autopsy report, which was signed by 3 different medical examiners, concluded that the 21-year-old used a .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol concealed on his person, to shoot himself in the right temple, while handcuffed in the back of a police squad car, according to The Guardian.

The FBI is continuing its investigation of the incident and the local branch of the NAACP has also called for a thorough investigation.

Chavis, who was with two other passengers in a vehicle that was pulled over, was arrested for possession of marijuana. The other two passengers were let go.

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A video, showing the arresting officers patting down Chavis twice, was released days ago. Later, another video, which shows the officers finding the cuffed man slumped over in the back of their squad car, was released.

Seemingly, the only video that has not been attained is the one that shows what happened during the time the officers claim they heard a “thump” before discovering Chavis slumped over, unconscious and bleeding heavily.

As part of their investigation, Jonesboro police recreated a video simulation of how they believe Chavis would be able to take out his firearm, put it to his right temple and pull the trigger, all with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Chavis’ mother remains skeptical, claiming that her son was not suicidal and had even called his girlfriend prior to his arrest, letting her know that he would be calling her from jail.

Toxicology reports found that although Chavis had not been drinking at the time of his arrest, his blood indicated methamphetamine use as well as trace amounts of anti-anxiety medication, according to CBS News.

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