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Bananas were once thought of as an exotic fruit. For many of us, however, those bananas have become a apart of our diets and daily lives. Whether sliced over cereal consumed in a great fruit smoothie, you are gaining great health benefits when you consume bananas. Here are some reasons to include bananas in your regular diet.


Did you know that one banana has 11% of the RDA of dietary fiber and only about 108 calories? It’s true. The fiber in bananas also keeps digestion regular and helps the body maintain low blood sugar. For many, consumption of bananas also curbs binge eating.

Healthy Bones

Along with lowering blood pressure, bananas are high in potassium. That potassium prevents the weakening of the body’s bones. The potassium found in bananas has also been known to neutralize high amounts of sodium in one’s diet; with this neutralization, comes the opportunity for healthy amounts of calcium to remain within the body.

Prevention Of Cancer

According to a study by the Internal Journal of Cancer, the probability of developing kidney cancer is greatly lessened by frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially bananas.

Rich in Vitamin B6

It has been proven that one banana has 34% of the RDA of vitamin B6, which serves many important roles in the body’s health. Vitamin B6 in bananas acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that helps ward off cardiovascular disease, obesity and even Type II diabetes.Vitamin B6 helps maintain strong lymphoid glands that ensure the successful production of healthy white blood cells which protect the body from infection.

So grab a banana today and watch the video below for additional health benefits of bananas:

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