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What are some of the top everyday things she does to help maintain a healthy life?

1. Michelle works out.

She wakes up around 4:30 every day to work out before her children wake up, doing combinations of cardio and strength moves. If she’s on the road, she tries to bring a jump rope with her, or do a pre-planned 30-minute workout involving jumping jacks and situps.

She also varies her workouts, and includes moves to maintain her flexibility, such as Pilates and yoga.

2. Michelle takes great care of her skin.

Her skin care routine is pretty basic: face cleanser and a moisturizer with SPF. She also treats herself to the occasional facial.

3. Michelle eats right, but eats fries, too.

She believes that eating right is about establishing healthy boundaries, and that she couldn’t be happy if she had to cut out the foods she loved. She says that she loves fries, a good burger and pie, and enjoys these things in moderation, while including plenty of healthy food choices as well.

4. Michelle understands her value.

She makes sure to put “me” on her priority list, and makes choices that makes her happy, saying that “Even my husband is happier when I’m happy, and says that personal happiness is connected to everything.” She also stresses that this is an important lesson she wants her own daughters to learn.

5. Michelle deals with problems constructively.

She believes in immediately dealing with the things that bother her instead of internalizing them. She talks to her network of friends and family to help her resolve issues before they become serious problems.

6. Michelle dresses for her own happiness.

Yes, she’s a fashion icon, but says that she actually picks clothes that make her feel good, and uses her own internal guide. She feels that women should always do this, especially since it’s impossible to make everyone 100% happy.