The National Enquirer is reporting that Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC, where President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle pay $70,000 a year to send their two daughters, is involved in a court battle that threatens to expose sex and drug secrets at the private institution.

According to the tabloid, the Obamas publicly support the school where Malia, 14, is a freshman, and Sasha, 11, is in sixth grade, but the Enquirer – citing an “Obama family insider” – is claiming they’re concerned by the school’s disgraceful problems.

A graduate of the elite school was recently arrested for possession of cocaine and ecstasy with intent to supply, according to published reports. Hugh L. Elsbree, 31, was arrested by D.C. police in April for running a drug lab out of a luxury apartment complex in the District’s Adams Morgan neighborhood.

When police searched his apartment, where he lives with his fiancée and six-week-old daughter, they found chemicals of an “inactive Methamphetamine lab,” including 304 grams of suspected meth and seven grams of cocaine, the documents said.

Last year, a $10 million lawsuit was launched against the school after a man claimed its staff psychologist James Huntington had an affair with his wife.

Arthur Newmyer accused the school of “maliciously” allowing Huntington, who was treating his five-year-old daughter, to sleep with his wife, Tara. As well as his job helping troubled children, the lawsuit claims Mr. Huntington taught sex education to sixth-graders in 2009/10 – Malia Obama’s class.

“Certainly, the trouble at the school has upset both Barack and Michelle,” a source told the Enquirer. “Some friends have suggested the girls be tutored privately at the White House, but the Obamas are keen to have the girls’ educational experience be as normal as possible. They don’t want them home-schooled.”

The Enquirer also cites a survey that found 71 percent of Sidwell students said they attended parties where drugs and alcohol were available, according to an official study published in the school newspaper, “Horizon.” Also, nearly 25 percent of the senior boys polled admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol.

“I have seen kids snorting coke, smoking pot, getting high and boozing,” the former student, now an adult, told the Enquirer. “There’s huge money at the school and the older kids host parties at their private residences. Many of them live in big mansions in Washington, or in affluent suburbs where drugs and booze are common.”

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