*Today is a beautiful day because we are finally seeing the tide change to positive, enlightening music from our young people in the hip hop world that want to see a change in a trend shared in the culture of hip hop … SAGGING PANTS! The good book says, “… and a little child shall lead them.”

And this one is goin’ in!

Amor “Lilman” Arteaga is a nine-year-old rapping phenom who gets the crowd crunk with positive rap.

His latest project focuses on young men all over the planet that somehow think that showing half or sometimes ALL of their behind threw “saggin’” their pants is somehow cool.

There have been various explanations for the origin of this repugnant trend, but the most popular is that it started from prison culture.

The inmate would sag their pants and expose their butt to show they were available for sex. Why oh why could that catch on as a trend by straight men in hip hop (i.e. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Big Sean, etc)

Young men on the street walk around exposing their sometimes dirty underwear and Arteaga is tired of it. He along with his dad, took the summer to write the lyrics and film the video in their Brooklyn neighborhood of Flatbush. As you will see, he has plenty of support from the community as well as local politicians and he is a really talented young man. The song, “Pull Ya Pants Up!” should be played on every radio station from here to Jupiter in an effort to kill this disgusting trend.

At nine years old, even Arteaga has sense enough to know that it is not sensible and gives a negative image of the men that choose to do it. He told Newsone:

“It’s disrespectful showing your butt off,” said Amor, a fourth-grader at PS 92 on Parkside Ave. “I’m always seeing boys, girls, rappers, singers — everyone is sagging out.”

The video begins with him starting off the campaign with the help of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz on the steps of Borough Hall in Downtown Brooklyn.

Article Courtesy of EUR Web and This N That