Oprah Winfrey never fails to amaze and keeps reminding us why she’s the queen of TV. She is featured in high fashion mag, Harper Bazaar’s, November issue.

Her stunning photo shoot and compelling interview (this time she’s in the hot seat :) )with Laura Brown is one you don’t want to miss. She opens up about her network OWN, acting and her guilty pleasures. Check out some excerpts:

On her daily regimen:

Breakfast of late is “blackberries and half a banana, some almond milk and a little protein powder.” While still in bed she reads a passage from, then from The Bowl of Saki: “It’s like the Sufi Daily Word.” Then it’s a workout, followed by either travel or doing “five or six” calls with her network heads, or both, and, she says, sighing, “trying to work out how social media will fit in there.”

On what’s missing on OWN:

“What was missing from OWN was me. It required my full-on energy. You know, this past year has been challenging, but it’s also been one of the greatest experiences for me getting to know me. What do you do when you don’t have the wind at your back?”

On Being Daring:

“I come from a history of people who had no opportunities at all, and I carry that with me.” [Daring means] coming to the edge. Seeing the space between where I am and where I want to go. It’s pretty wide! But having the faith to take the leap anyway and knowing that no matter where you land, it’s going to be okay. And I feel really good that I did.”

On being an actress:

“I didn’t know what the hell acting was! I just now figured it out. I am so stunned because all this time I’ve been doing it wrong!”She’s been working with Nicole Kidman’s acting coach, Susan Batson, calling it “the best therapy ever. I was literally in a coaching session with her and just crying my heart out. Thinking about, you know, a boyfriend from when I was in my 20s.

Read more about her guilty pleasures ,how she calls herself a work in progress and what she says about being a brand here


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