Is Madea really dropping new music!? Hellur from the other side, Tyler Perry tried to fake us out by saying Madea must die, because he claimed that he was tired, but instead of breaking or hearts, he revived her during the pandemic, but when he called Madea never seemed to be at home because she […]

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry dethroned themselves making a long story short because they seen history repeating itself with what had happened to Princess Diana.  Meghan and Harry then went to Oprah to give an exclusive interview spilling the tea that the fairytale of being a princess is just that.  Meghan Markle spoke about how acceptance into […]

Meghan Markle with her husband Prince Harry by her side went on Oprah and did what some say is the unthinkable, she told/spoke her truth about what happen behind the closed gates at Buckingham Palace.  Meghan Markle say’s she endured racism at the hands of her in-laws and suicidal thoughts behind it before her husband […]

Today on the Bijou Star files on 93.1 WZAK: Vanessa Bryant’s Legal Team Speaks Out After Reports Alleged That Deputies Shared Photos From Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash Site Vanessa Bryant is grateful to the individual who filed an online complaint exposing these acts of injustice, and for the choice to protect human dignity.  A deputy […]

Gayle King has been the #1 trending topic of the past week for an interview she conduct with Kobe Bryant’s close friend WNBA legend Lisa Leslie.  What you thought would have been an excellent interview coming from Kobe’s friend about not only the NBA star but the man, went left when Gayle King brought up […]

It is being reported that the #MeToo documentary about music mogul Russell Simmons “On The Record” received a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival this past weekend, even after Oprah stepped down as executive director of the piece. Oprah said her reasoning for stepping away had nothing to do with support for Russell Simmons […]

Ms. Oprah’s OWN network has been cleaning house lately, first it was reported that Pastor John Grey’s show was cancelled.  However, is the network sweeping out the right stuff?  After building us up with another exciting television drama series, made for us, by us, it appears that our AMBITIONS is being taken away. News came […]

Me too?  Maybe not or at least as it pertains to another #Metoo documentary.  Oprah Winfrey took a lot of heat for ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary-series after it’s release and when it was reported she was doing another one on Russell Simmons the public outcry went from #metoo to #whyblackmenonlyO, but it’s now being reported that […]

Russell Simmons is amongst many in the industry that has been called to the carpet by the #MeToo movement.  However Uncle Russ admits that yes he was a ‘Playboy’ but never an abuser, and to prove his innocents he has taken lie detector test not for the court of public opinion but for his own […]

Oprah Winfrey has revealed she is no longer working as a contributor to “60 Minutes” because the news magazine wasn’t a good fit for her personality. “It was not the best format for me,” Winfrey told The Hollywood Reporter in a profile for the latest issue. “How should I say this? Never a good thing when […]

Despite what reports are saying, Oprah is not backing down from her stance in supporting “Leaving Neverland” after the timeline discrepancy has been revealed. Oprah explained in an interview that she is not wavering, saying, ““I have not wavered. You know why I have not wavered? Because I’ve had girls at my school who were […]

Breaking news R Kelly sat down with Oprah’s home girl, Gayle King, co-host of “CBS This Morning”, in what is said to be an hour and twenty minute interview to plead his case in recent sexual abuse charges.  I don’t know what kind of attorney Kell’s has but he might need to seek new counsel if […]