Could Deion Sanders be ready to marry Tracey Edmonds so soon after his split from Pilar Sanders?

Deion’s divorce from his estranged wife, Pilar, has yet to become final, but a recent online celebration has some wondering whether he’s thinking about jumping the broom again.

After a recent victory in court, the former NFL pro couldn’t contain himself and he headed to Twitter to share his happy moment with fans. According to, a judge decided Wednesday that his pre-nuptial agreement with Pilar still holds up even though she tried to prove that some of the pages were forged.

The court decided against Pilar’s request to have the agreement thrown out, and it was ruled that she signed the document of her own free will. This was a major battle won for Deion, who still has to pay Pilar more than $10,000 a month in child support.

“Boy i wanted to get up and do my dance today in court! I always told you lie has No endurance and the truth will win in the end! Yes Lawd,” he tweeted.

He was so elated that he couldn’t help but thanking his new lady love for sticking by his side during this nasty divorce. But during his shout out, he dropped a cryptic message that could lead some to believe that he’s ready to pop the question.