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Emilliano Terry’s grandmother Porscha Dotson breaks down during WZAK’s Access Cleveland Show


There’s new information coming out from the family of little Emilliano Terry. They say his mother had people who wanted to take care of her son – one even got temporary custody of Emilliano.

Porscha Dotson breaks down during WZAK’s Access Cleveland Show hosted by Robyn Simone and Kym Sellers . She is three-year-old Emilliano Terry’s grandmother. Emilliano’s mother, Camilia Terry, is accused of beating him to death.

“What happened? Why wouldn’t you come to us more to ask for our help?” Dotson said.

Dotson and Terry’s grandmother, Libby Dixson, setting the record straight – letting the public know that 20-year-old Terry did have family willing to help her.

“We had no idea it would come to this. We had no idea she was capable of doing something like that. It’s hard. Had we known the warning signs, we would have been willing to help,” Dixson said.

Both Dixon and Dotson say they hadn’t seen Terry in months – say they just found out that she was back in the area after moving with her three boys down south to be with her father. In fact – Dixon says Emilliano’s grandfather had temporary custody of him earlier this year.

“He was a sweet baby. He was happy,” Dixon said.

Terry is behind bars on a $2M bond at the Justice Center. Her family says at least one person has visited her since she came in.

“One of her friends visited her. She was very upset about what happened. She stated concern about the two other kids – wanted to make sure they were taken care of.”

So far, Terry hasn’t admitted to doing anything to her son.

“Only Camilia has those answers. She needs to come forward and tell the truth.” (Original Story)

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