A convicted killer’s plans to have  18-year-old pop star Justin Bieber castrated and killed were thwarted after his accomplices missed an exit on the highway, ABC News reports.

Dana Martin, 45, is currently serving a 978 year sentence in Southern New Mexico for rape and murder.

He allegedly masterminded a plan to have Bieber, his bodyguard, and two other unidentified people castrated before strangling them all.

Since Martin was behind bars, he entrusted his nephew, Tanner Ruane, and a former inmate, Mark Staake, to carry out the plan.

The attack was scheduled to happen sometime between Bieber’s Nov. 28 and Nov. 29 Madison Square Garden concerts.

But before they could kill anyone, Ruane and Staake missed a highway exit in Vermont near the Canadian border, and they happened to get stopped by a border patrol agent.

Staake was arrested for outstanding warrants. After his release, police listened in on a call between him and Martin,  and they were overheard making references to the murder plot.

When Martin was confronted about the plan, he confessed to building the plot and mapped out what he says was suppose to happen for police.

Martin, who has a picture of Bieber tattooed on his leg, created his murder plot after attempts to contact the star fell flat.

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Article Courtesy of ABC and WEWS NewsChannel 5