CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio – It may be of the last grocery stores in the Cleveland Heights area where you can walk up to the customer service desk and make a special request for an item and actually have that request granted.

The store has been around since 1936. They moved into the Cleveland Heights community in 1988 and said they are not surrendering to big business.

The company’s goal is to outlast the competition from their soon to be competitor, Walmart. They realize they will have to make changes, but they said laying people off is not one they’re considering at this point.

The store has outlived four other stores in Cleveland Heights, including Russo’s, Tops, Heinen’s, and Divita’s Bi-rite.

Zagara’s has provided service to the community for decades. They have had a loyal following through the years and they expect that loyalty to continue for many more years to come.

Article Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5