7 “I Do” Qualities in a Man

Because we run a large marriage and parenting site and we produce movies on marriage, people want to know our story. They want to know how we met and when did we know that we had “the one.” Of course, our answers are different, as we’ve had different journeys that led us to each other. Lamar and I were engaged after dating for 11 months. He planned a very romantic proposal for me. But what made me so sure? My last relationship was not good ( to put it mildly.) So how could I trust my judgement now? How could I let my wall down and trust Lamar? Why was I so confident that I was making that right decision with Lamar? Here are 7 reasons why I knew Lamar was the one. – By Ronnie Tyler

1. There was no guessing.

He was committed to me. After dating for a couple of months, Lamar said that he wanted to be in an exclusive relationship with me. That’s right..he asked me to be his girlfriend. He was not “acting ” like my boyfriend, but leaving his options open. I didn’t have to guess about the status of my relationship. (Come on ladies…I know some of y’all have been there…feeling and acting like a girlfriend…but not really knowing.)

2. He broke down my wall.

Lamar likes to remind me that I had a wall up when we started dating. But he was patient, loving and kind. And he eventually broke down my wall. It felt good to relax and trust someone with my heart.

3. He is a family man.

He went to church with me and my family. He went to family reunions. He hung out with my kids and me. Family was important to Lamar and he did not mind being around my family (and we certainly have some characters.)

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