Love Lessons From Martin Luther King, Jr. [EXPERT]

By Shay “Your Date Diva” Williams

Three attributes Dr. King demonstrated that can help you find that special someone.

We’ve all heard of the greatness of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the ways in which he helped  revolutionize the world with his message of civil rights and justice for all. It’s important that singles dating look closely at what Dr. King was able to achieve and model his behavior in our love lives so that we can manifest the “dream” of true love. Here are three key attributes Dr. King demonstrated that can help you attract “the one.”


1. He had a dream. Many of you who are single can’t see yourself being in a healthy relationship, being loved unconditionally. Dr. King dreamed of the seemingly impossible during a time when there appeared to be insurmountable odds against his dream becoming a reality. If you’re searching for love, it’s important that no matter how dismal your love life seems, you continue to dream about your wedding day, the love you’ll share with your soul mate, and the happy future you two will have together. If you can see it, you will attract it. Although Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t live to see his dream become a reality, we now enjoy the benefits of his courage to dream.

 2. The love in his heart created momentum to continue in the face of adversity. Dr. King did not intend to become a leader; he was pushed there by the people who needed him. What kept him moving forward even in the face of horrible conditions was the compelling love he had in his heart for all people. His love and connection to the people he served acted as the wind beneath his wings that wouldn’t let him stop fighting until he achieved his goal. You must have this same tenacity to remain in the dating game no matter how many times you have been hurt or disappointed by love. If you have no children or have children then love them enough to want them to see a demonstration of what true love looks like and stay in the game until you attract it. If you can feel the love you want to attract in your heart before it shows up, you will create a powerful magnet for pulling your dream closer to you!

3. He transformed his intellect into emotional intelligence.  Dr. King was an extremely intelligent man. He graduated college before he was even 20 years old and received a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Boston University by the age of 26. He was smart enough to know that radical change was needed in the world and that something must be done about it but it wasn’t until he returned from India, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolence protest message, did he understand his calling on an emotional level and what he could do to be an effective voice in the Civil Rights movement.

Most singles looking for love know that they should love themselves and have standards when dating, but they still do destructive things that keep them from achieving their goal of true love. If you want something, you must be willing to sacrifice something else for it; sometimes that means going against what your mind and body want now (ie: sex too soon, friends with benefits, etc), in order to gain what you desire later. It will not be until you learn this on an emotional level and feel the love in your heart for your future soul mate — once you have dreamed of your future with that person — that you will be able to attract this very possible reality into your life. Have the courage of Dr. King. to dream your dream of true and lasting love. Learn how to attract love, even in the face of fear, hurt and discouraging dating challenges, and one day you too will manifest the “dream” of the true love you are meant to have!

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