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The patriarch of the Jackson family appeared on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” and made a fool out of himself, telling the world that he, Joe Jackson, the man who is better known for borderline slave driving his kids for the empire, thinks parents are too soft these days.

“One of the reasons I say that is because kids nowadays are killing their parents in some cases,” Jackson said. “Let’s get into this ‘beating’ thing. There’s no such thing as ‘beating a kid.’ You whip them or punish them over something they did, and they will remember that. And they’ll remember it in such a way that they won’t do it again. That’s the way I was.”

He makes no bones about the way he raised the clan, saying times were tough then and it was either his way or the street way. And he boasts of his great deed as a father, producing children “that everybody loved all over the world.”

Joe Jackson gets the ‘Parent of the Century Award.’

Check out a clip of the interview below to hear Jackson’s reaction to receiving news of Michael’s passing.

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