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You Gotsta Chill On All That Gay Talk, Says Erick Sermon Of EPMD on Unsung

By BridgetEE

If you missed last nights “Unsung” with EPMD you missed a very educational one, and not just a music history education but how to dismiss rumors or “HATERS”.

It has been bantered about for quite sometime in the world of the Rich and Famous and many  gossip mags and Blogs  that Erick Sermon from EPMD was gay.  Well Erick Sermon decided to address it on lasts nights episode of Unsung on TVOne, he didn’t squirm around it like some people do or drop hints about the rumor, he came out in true EPMD style and said hey YOU GOTSTA CHILL!!  There came a point in the show where Erick said hey theres  rumors running around here that I am gay and  yo Wendy Williams started it and I don’t know why because we used to be cool, and in so many words told you, don’t get it twisted I like and can get ANY WOMAN I want!!  How about that!!   Check out the video and see what else Mr. Sermon wanted to address…