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The Barbie doll comes in many different variations, but she is now donning a sort of stripper look…at least that’s what many of us thought.

There’s plenty of black Barbies out there, but there is NOT a new black Barbie available from Mattel with a stripper-look that shows a bit of cleavage.

The doll has a Nicki Minaj-ish look to her with bronze skin and golden blond hair, gold necklaces around her neck, toting Louis Vuitton’s monogram multi-color collection.

Mattel told MSN on Monday that the doll “is not a Barbie doll and is not created or sold by Mattel.” Repeat: they did not produce, create and/or sell the doll to anyone. It’s still not clear where the image originated, but “MSN News found it on the Facebook page of R&B radio station WBLS 107.5 and is waiting for a comment from them.”

So for all of you who are in an uproar over the doll, it may very well be a Nicki Minaj doll that is set to come out soon. Who knows? But we can rest knowing that Mattel isn’t putting out it’s latest African American Barbie stripper line.


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