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 The Best Places to Find Love


 1) Outside of Your House

You are not going to meet a person if all you do is go to work and then go home. Go to some events, join an organization, or volunteer. You need to break your normal routine.2) Through a Mutual Friend

This is exactly how I met my husband; through a mutual friend. This option is also great because you are able to get some type of background on who this person is. Are they a pla

yer, are they nice, or are they married? Your friends can help you get to the bottom of this quickly. So ladies, if there is a single guy at your job that is not quite your type, then how about introducing him to your friends. They may like him.

3) At a Sporting or Networking Event

Ladies – if you want to meet men, then go to places that men like to go like sporting events, networking events and conferences.

4) At a Tyler New Media relationship event

OK this is a shameless plug. But seriously, one of our single writers met his wife during one of our movie screenings. Fellas – if you want to meet a nice woman that is serious about having a relationship, then attend a relationship event. I find that these events are filled with nice women that want to have a healthy relationship.

5) Online

Millions of people are doing it; they are dating on-line. I have never done it. But, I would say that you need to stick to all of the normal rules for staying safe when you are first dating someone new. Experts say to not rely on the person’s profile too heavily because they tend to be fabricated. You should move the conversation off line as soon as possible so that you can get to the know the real person better.

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