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Hollywood power couple Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith seem to have it all — money, fame, fabulous careers and extremely talented children. However, in a recently interview with Necole Bitchie, Will revealed that life in the spotlight actually makes a marriage more difficult to handle and he’s learned to simply strive to be the best man he can be, everyday.

“I think a lot of people think that when you have money, that everything gets really easy, hell naw,” he said. “Jada and I have been together for 17 years. If you look at it like a sports record, we are probably like 15 and 2. When we got started, we both truly connected on wanting to be better. That’s where it all started. There were other people that we were dating and other people that we were attracted to, but there was a commitment to constantly be better that was what we connected on. Our whole world and relationship was that, “Hey, I know that I may not be all of that today but what I’m not going to do is lay around and not keep working to be better to deserve you.”

Will went on the say that he’s learned that marriage is not just about being commentated to a relationship, but pushing to always be your best self. “I would say that concept is very central to having any success in this game of love at all. The central idea of love is not even a relationship commitment, the first thing is a personal commitment to be the best version of yourself with or without that person that you’re with. You have to every single day, mind, body, and spirit, wake up with a commitment to be better. Don’t make that same mistake tomorrow that you made today,” he said.

Will advises other married couples to give their partners freedom to learn and grow. “The idea is that you are two people together, but in that process, the marriage cannot be a prison,” he said. “There has to be a freedom that allows a person to grow. A person has to be allowed to make mistakes, and a person has to be allowed to become and grow without the threat of punishment. I think that in the concept of our marriages because of our own insecurities, we lay it out in a way like, “Hey, that’s a deal breaker.” I hear people talk about the concept of the deal breakers and it’s really in conflict with loving somebody.”

The actor concluded the interview by saying that Jada has made him “a better person than anyone on earth could have every done.”

“When I think about my relationship with Jada, when it comes to love, as soon as you put yourself in a love relationship, you’ve got to check your insecurities,” he said. “There is nobody on Earth at this point that in my life and in my career with the successes and the things that I’ve done, there is nobody on Earth that I would still try to be better for…Jada is a beast. Just her passion, power, and relentless unwillingness to let me lay down at night when I’ve only done 92 percent of what I was supposed to do that day, holds me to a higher standard.”

Black love is a beautiful thing. Tell us why you love Will and Jada’s relationship in the comments below!


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