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Another season of “Dancing With the Stars” came with another terrible first-episode performance. It seems that there is always someone who just bombs completely in the first episode of a new cycle. That dubious honor went to D.L. Hughley for the latest season. And the judges didn’t mince words with him.

“That was ya-ya-ya-ya-yikes!” Carrie Ann Inaba said.

“You gotta work your butt off, I’m telling you. Otherwise, it’s the boulevard of broken dreams, because this was no good,” Len Goodman told him.

Hughley got 4s across the board for a paltry total of 12 points. The next closest score was 17 for Andy Dick. Luckily, it was a non-elimination week, so he’ll get another chance to prove himself next week. But The Wall Street Journal says there may be no coming back from those low scores.

E! Online said that Hughley put a hitch in what was otherwise a pretty solid night of dancing. By that logic, if Hughley is the first contestant to drop, fans could be in for a pretty competitive season with some pretty entertaining shows.


Article Courtesy of The Huffington Post

Picture Courtesy of ABC and The Huffington Post

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