There are some experiences that all Black children share while growing up. If you had a deep freezer in the garage you definitely grew up Black. And it seems like every Black child’s grandma had a china cabinet with dishes in it that you never saw being used. What are some of yours memories that […]

A DL Hughley show listener is seriously wondering if DL stands for “down low.” According to the listmer DL seems to have something against women. He’s always making fun of the women around him. He teases Jasmine about her teeth, constantly makes gay jokes toward Kia and he even calls one of the women in […]

This week Oleebo wanted to review a “family friendly movie that the whole family will love” but he couldn’t find one. So, the “Oleebo Bootleg Choir” sings about how “bad” Aquaman was. Aquaman wasn’t good in the Justice League movie and this one wasn’t any better according to Oleebo. He says it was so boring […]

D.L Hughley has been an open book when it comes to his personal life. The comedian has dished on everything from his infidelities, the mistreatment from his mother, being sexually abused by a 20-year-old woman when he was 13 and the death of a child he fathered outside of his marriage. He even got all the way real […]

During a segment on D.L. Hughley’s radio show “The GED Section”, he discussed white people’s biases as one of the leading causes of police-involved shootings of unarmed black males. He mentions the death of 12-year-old Tamar Rice, who was shot and killed by officers due to an impartial 911 call. The comedian recounts a handful of Black tragedies […]

Whenever there’s a natural catastrophe, you can depend on this living fossil to have something stupid and crazy to say about it. Yes, we’re referring to the feeble minded, super conservative televangelist Pat Robertson of the “700 Club” TV show/network who on Monday somehow came to the nitwit conclusion that the mass shooting, no, er, terrorist shooting […]

There have been several comedians who have come out in defense of Kathy Griffin after the image of her holding a bloody and decapitated Donald Trump head and one of her loudest defenders is D.L. Hughley. When talking with TMZ, he couldn’t help but wonder where all the haters were when Ted Nugent threatened President […]

Comedy veteran D. L. Hughley has been tapped as the co-lead opposite Adhir Kalyan in the CBS buddy cop sitcom “Brothered Up.” He replaces Romany Malco who was originally cast in the role. The decision was made after the pilot’s table read last week. Apparently, the character turned out not to be a good fit […]

D.L. Hughley reflects on his friendship with the late comedian Charlie Murphy who died at the age of 57 after succumbing to Leukemia. Hughley shared a heartfelt thought about the funnyman saying, “He was the best storyteller I ever heard. He rushed home to be with his family after every gig. He did comedy his […]

D.L. Hughley has a pointed criticism of Kendall Jenner and the now-infamous Pepsi commercial. The problem, he said, was not just that the commercial co-opted the Black Lives Matter movement but that Jenner can’t be qualified to play a social activist just because she dates black men. –SNL brilliantly slams Kendall Jenner and Bill O’Reilly– […]

It's not a secret that the comedian can put his foot in his mouth, but this time he is definitely on point.

On Friday, D.L. Hughley blasted President Donald Trump during a guest appearance on The View, specifically calling him out for his ignorance. “I look at Donald Trump and, I swear to God, I go, ‘I’m glad the first black president wasn’t that dumb,’” Hughley said, going even further to say that conservatives would be beyond angry if Barack […]