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Pat Robertson

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Whenever there’s a natural catastrophe, you can depend on this living fossil to have something stupid and crazy to say about it.

Yes, we’re referring to the feeble minded, super conservative televangelist Pat Robertson of the “700 Club” TV show/network who on Monday somehow came to the nitwit conclusion that the mass shooting, no, er, terrorist shooting in Las Vegas that claimed 59 lives and injured 527 … on people who oppose the orange a-hole in the White House.

Robertson warned his flock that “Until there is biblical authority, there has to be some controlling authority in our society, and there is none,“ after condemning those who oppose President Trump for inciting upheaval.

“Violence in the streets, ladies, and gentlemen. Why is it happening?” Robertson asked before answering his own question for viewers, by stating: “The fact that we have disrespect for authority—there is profound disrespect of our president, all across this nation. They say terrible things about him—it’s in the news, it’s in other places.” Robertson went on and on from that point forward, railing against “disrespect” that he says is shown to the national anthem, military veterans, the court system, and the government.

Dang, All we can say is take your meds and go back to bed, Mr. Robertson.

Meanwhile, the man who’s very tuned in to what’s happening, D.L. Hughley, was asked to give his opinion on what went down in ‘Vegas Sunday evening.

“It’s not crazy; it’s just America. And it says a lot that a man that would stand on top of the 32nd floor and gun down people he didn’t know. It says more about a country that allows that man to have that kind of weapon. It’s easier in America to buy ten packs of assault weapons than two packs of Sudafed. It’s what we tolerate.”

The comic/activist unfortunately doesn’t think much will change at this point because American chooses to not act after other instances of mass shootings.

“I don’t care if they shot up a school. I don’t care if they shot up a church. I don’t care if they shoot up a gay club. I don’t care if they shoot up a concert. America’s tolerance – you know what – the most dangerous thing in America is other Americans. More Americans have died at the hands of other Americans than all the wars we’ve ever fought combined. ISIS ain’t got sh*t on Us. After you finish praying then what do you do?”

He then goes on to critique the NRA and gun-loving citizens who use the Constitution’s right to bear arms clause as a reason for everyday people to own military grade weapons.

“Why on earth? Even if you love guns, one man shot almost 600 people. One man. What do you need a weapon with that kind of capacity on our streets for? Nevada has some of the most lax gun laws in the country. It’s insulting for people to pretend like they’re shocked,” stated Hughley.

He isn’t the first to speak up or out about the madness. Chuck D recently said that the government is protecting NRA and its terrorist organization and not American citizens.



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