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Comedy veteran D. L. Hughley has been tapped as the co-lead opposite Adhir Kalyan in the CBS buddy cop sitcom “Brothered Up.”

He replaces Romany Malco who was originally cast in the role. The decision was made after the pilot’s table read last week. Apparently, the character turned out not to be a good fit for Malco.

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Hughley previously headlined the comedy series “The Hughleys,” which ran for four seasons on ABC and UPN. Malco has been featured in a number of dramas and single-camera comedies.

Written and executive produced by Mark Gross, reports that “Brothered Up” “centers on Calvin (Hughley), an emotionally guarded African-American cop who is partnered with Farooq (Kalyan), an emotionally available Pakistani cop, and they are forced to find a way to connect as they patrol a Detroit neighborhood.”

Hughley’s Calvin is described as “a great cop who has always been a lone wolf but now is newly partnered with the optimistic Farooq, who has a gung-ho attitude.”

John C. McGinley, Merrin Dungey, Nishi Munshi and Glynn Turman co-star in the project.

Meanwhile, back on April 8, TMZ caught up with Hughley at LAX and asked his thoughts on Trump’s Syria bombing, per usual, D.L. did not hold back.

“I think nothing’s more American than bombing poor brown people,” Hughley said. “This is all about him having poor ratings. His numbers in the polls were poor and he was losing the faith of the American people, and nothing instills faith in American people like bombing poor brown people.”

Hughley initially took to social media to share his thoughts on the attacks.

“Whenever your compassion is delivered on the tip of a cruise missile you ain’t really all that compassionate!,” he tweeted, adding: “If you support bombing Syria because they were attacked with Chemical Weapons, but u supported banning Syrian refugees ur a f*ckin hypocrite.”



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