Lauren London has been very hush-hush about her relationship with baby daddy Lil Wayne. We know very few details about their relationship status and how Weezy is as a father to their 3-year-old son Kameron Carter.

Luckily, for all of us nosey fans, Lauren is finally opening up!

During a visit to the Wendy Williams Show to promote the new season of The Game, London revealed she and Wayne are no longer dating but he’s a great co-parent.

Wendy: Lauren’s baby’s father is the rapper Lil Wayne, and you two are no longer together, right?

London: No. We’re great friends though.

Wendy: You’re friend’s And you co-parent?

Lauren: Yes, of course.

Wendy: And is it difficult being a single parent in Hollywood?

Lauren: I think it’s difficult being a single parent period. For me, with my job, luckily I can bring him to work.

And when it comes to money, Lauren said her mama didn’t raise no fool.

Check out what she had to say about being an independent woman here:

Wendy: How is Lil Wayne doing health wise?

Lauren: He’s great! His album comes out today! He’s really good.

Wendy: More money for you, girl…

Lauren: I make my own though.

Wendy: Isn’t that nice?

Lauren: Yes, my mother taught me well.

Although some people are still shocked that Lauren decided to procreate with the Young Money rapper, she said she has no regrets and enjoys every minute of motherhood.

“Life happens,” she said. “As an actor, your depth as an actor comes from life experience. And I think it just gave me life experience.”

Check out the video clip here.

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