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Towson University senior Mathew Heimbach, head of the White Student Union, has organized unarmed students to patrol the campus of the University in an attempt to reduce the “black crime wave.”

Heimbach has written on his blog that Towson is experiencing a “black crime wave” with “black predators” preying on the “white majority student body.”

“Just like I wouldn’t be offended if, when you talk about serial killers, the average serial killer is a blue-collar, educated white male,” Heimbach told News4′s Jim Rosenfield.

“It doesn’t offend me to be able to talk about the facts,” Heimbach said.

Some Towson University students are offended by Heimbach’s comments including a Black student who had this to say: “I thought [Heimbach’s statements were] racist, but they have their freedom of speech.”

I didn’t know crime was black… just like I didn’t know that serial killing is white… It’s ok to talk facts but the choice of words you use can either stir up unity or discord. What are your thoughts? Leave you comments below.

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