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Health & Lifestyle: You Know You’re Getting Old When… (thumbnail)By Yelena Shuster

1. Your Clothes Broadcast Your Mood

Science says there’s such a thing as “happy clothes.” Ever notice how a case of the blues has you reaching for your cozy blue jeans? So have researchers, who discovered after surveying 100 women that denim (and anything baggy) are the preferred item of choice for depressed people. Instead, glam up the next time you feel down, and you’ll be letting potential boyfriends know you’re actually fabulous.

2. Your Eye Color Reveals Your Trustworthiness

You may have hit the beauty jackpot with your baby blues, but there could be a downside. After looking at 80 photos, a significant number of participants in a study from the Czech Republic found brown-eyed faces more trustworthy than blue-eyed faces, regardless if they were male or female. There was one exception, probably familiar to any girl secretly in love with the Biebs: Baby-faced guys looked equally believable.

3. Your Walk Exposes Your Sex Life

Belgian researchers were able to tell apart ladies who regularly had vaginal orgasms with an accuracy of a whopping 81 percent, based on their walking style! Energetic, effortless struts, according to the study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, meant those girls were satisfied. The crazy finding kinda sorta makes sense since orgasms help loosen your muscles, which could make walking seem more effortless.

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