When they’re hoping to avoid embarrassment in front of their bros, or try to get you into bed, guys can tell some pretty ridiculous lies.

By Natasha Burton

1. “I’ve never, ever gotten a facial.”

“Once a month, I get a facial and a manicure/pedicure,” says Justin H. “If my friends will want to do things like brunch, day drink, hike, or play video games on a weekend that coincides with one of my manscaping days, I say I have a meeting. I never go into detail. I’ve never told this to friends, girlfriends, or my parents.”

2. “No, I’m not crying.”

“A bunch of us guys were sitting with our girlfriends on ‘movie night’ watching Ghost,” says Jim D. “Normally, all of us manly men would make fun of whatever movie we chose to watch. We were silent this time around. None of us were brave enough to look at each other because we knew we were all crying. I most definitely was.”

3. “Of course I didn’t eat that.”

“Guys always lie about whether or not we ate something we shouldn’t have eaten that was in the refrigerator,” says Dan C. “When a girlfriend, wife, OR authoritative female presence asks, “WHO ATE THE CUPCAKES? I’M TAKING THEM TO WORK TOMORROW!” Well, it’s just time to lie. Or leave.”

4. “I can’t believe you like watching this crap.”

“My friend and I are obsessed with Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, and Vampire Diaries,” says Darrel S. “We wait until they all air for the week and then watch them in marathon format. Until recently, I would tell my girlfriend that my friend and I were watching MMA to hide our marathon girly TV sessions.”

5. “Yes, I can totally fix this.”

“Guys will exaggerate their knowledge of being able to repair things-especially cars-because a man, after all, should know how to change his own oil, car battery, and spark plugs, lest he be seen as less than a man,” Collin D. says. “I can do all of those things, by the way. I call it ‘Calling AAA.'”

6. “Psssht, I’ve slept with a ton of women.”

“When I was in the ‘talking’ stage with this girl I was really into in college, I lied and told her I’d had sex with my last girlfriend…when I was really a virgin,” says Kyle F. “I felt horrible about it, so I eventually came clean and, let me tell you, she was pissed.”

7. “I don’t remember the last time I did this.”

“I was out on a date with a girl last spring- a particularly cool, starry night in Miami-and I said this,” says Brian P. “Of course I remembered the last time I had done ‘this.’ It was a couple of weeks before, but why spoil it by being 100 percent honest? No one is doing many ‘firsts’ anymore, so saying this- whether it’s about something sexual, something about the restaurant, something about the type of date-is the next best thing.”

8. “Oh, you’re on Facebook?”

“Of course you are. I know you are because I already stalked you before you met up with me,” says David B. “I just want to seem low key without revealing how eager I really was.”

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