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1 in 4 Men Have Faked an Orgasm

In a sweeping new study conducted by, 22 percent of U.S. males said they have faked an orgasm. Males in the 25 to 34 age range were nearly three times more likely to have faked an orgasm than those aged 18 to 24.

Men Are As Likely As Women To Want Children

A new research study by Robin Hadley of Keele University suggests men are almost as likely as women to want children, and they feel more isolated, depressed, angry and sad than women if they don’t have them.

Women With High Sex Drives Are More Selective

This study found women with high sex drives were much more selective about who they’d choose for a short-term relationship than women with low sex drives. By contrast, men with both high and low sex drives preferred attractive women, but those with high sex drives said they would also enter into short-term relationships with less attractive women.

Forty Percent of Women Have Experienced Exercise-Related Orgasms

Most women’s sexual pleasure, and nearly half of all gym-related orgasms, came from core-based exercises. (Especially those related to suspended leg lifts.) The vast majority of exercise-related orgasms came without the woman fantasizing while she worked out. Some women reported feeling embarrassed when they went to the gym due to the sexual pleasure they felt when working out.

Women Who Have Sex Early Are More Likely to Be Dissatisfied Later

This fascinating study found that women who entered into sexual relationships with their current partners quickly reported significantly lower levels of relationship satisfaction than those who waited somewhat longer before becoming sexually involved.

Thirty Seven Percent of Men Think Women with Similar Faces are More Attractive

In this study, men were shown a selection of four photographs of new women, which included photos of women whose faces had been digitally manipulated to look more like the participating males. Thirty seven percent of the males rated the face looking the most like their own as the most attractive. The findings of this study correspond with the findings of similar studies, including a 2008 study determining men were likely to find a woman attractive if that woman resembled his mother and women were likely to find a man attractive if he resembled her father.

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